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Advance the Kingdom of God in and through the lives of all who attend Hope Church, in their families, neighborhoods and workplaces, in our community, and among the nations
Our hope in God is the core of our identity. It is the foundation from which every other characteristic springs. All that we have in Christ cannot be summed up in one page, however, the center of our hope is that Jesus Christ has taken our punishment so that our sins, shame, weakness, and mistakes are all forgiven if we believe in Him. Building on this hope is that the Holy Spirit is within all who believe and enables them to grow into all that God is calling them to be.
This hope forms the threefold mission of Hope Lutheran Church. In this hope we see God’s sacred nature, His holiness, His mercy, and His gifts toward us. We see this and we love God. Love for God inspires us, and His kingdom is our calling.
Because we love God, we love people. We recall how God loves us in our own weaknesses, and we offer that same love to all in the same spirit so that they too may find hope for their lives in Jesus Christ.
Our hope also calls us to action. God’s Holy Spirit empowers us to grow and serve. As we become disciples of Christ and in turn help others become his disciples, we each find the unique role God has for us to fill the needs of those suffering around us.
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