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North Market
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It started as a conversation about access to good food in North Minneapolis, and now it’s a new kind social enterprise. Built with the community, for the community, North Market is a full-service grocery store, a center for wellness services and a community gathering place, all under one roof. North Market is the place to bring together what you eat with what you do to live your healthiest life. Good food at affordable prices, programs in nutrition, fitness and mindfulness, all in the company of your neighbors.

Projects like this don’t happen without a lot of help. When Pillsbury United Communities launched the idea, under the founding leadership of Chanda Smith Baker, Adair Mosley, Vanan Murugesan and Julia Donaldson, partners and funders stepped forward to be involved. North Memorial Health System joined as the anchor partner for wellness, and a number of foundations came provided early funding support. In 2017, the Minnesota State Legislature made a $2million appropriation to help bring North Market to life.

A Model for Community Wellness

North Market captured the attention of food access advocates, locally and nationally, before construction even began. Recognized for its unique status as a project of a non-profit social service organization, in partnership with a health system, that rose out of a community design process, the North Market model is one that can work in other communities. To learn more about the model for this project, contact Adair Mosley at

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